“L’informazione come scandalo”. Dall’iperrealtà dell’industria dell’informazione alle fake news del sistema mediale ibrido

Marco Binotto


The article aims to use Jean Baudrillard’s concept of hyperreality–“this unleashing of things as if they had a sense”– to analyze the countless cases of fakes and hoaxes spread throughout the history of modern journalism as well as today indignation for the breaking of fake news. If, in the past, the news industry's choices, language, and procedures could make it difficult to understand a profession that is increasingly overwhelmed by information, in the new hybrid media system, these same dimensions are revised through Baudrillard’s conception. A "Permanent Survey" in which systems and audiences share news-signs coded by software or algorithms and seem to reproduce the same irony, the same incidents and, above all, that same disillusion. After the scandal of information, there is information as a catastrophe

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Information, journalism, fake news, media activism, hybrid media system

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