Memoria di Shakespeare. A Journal of Shakespearean Studies

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Edited by Hugh Craig


Submissions are invited for a special issue of the journal on the topic of stylometry and Shakespeare.

These might be on any aspect of Shakespeare’s style, with either internal comparisons within his corpus or external comparisons to other writers, of the time or from other periods, on stylistic matters or on questions of attribution, and either practical or theoretical or both. Papers which give some attention to the statistical significance of findings are particularly welcome. They can be written in Italian or in English.

Prospective contributors are invited to send a 300-word abstract to Hugh Craig by 30 September, 2019.

Proposals will be selected by Nov. 15, 2019

Final deadline for completed papers: 30 May 2020

The issue is slated for December 2020



Rosy Colombo, General Editor

Nadia Fusini, Donatella Montini, Iolanda Plescia, Maria Valentini, Editors

Advisory Board

Vito Amoruso (Università di Bari), Silvia Bigliazzi (Università di Verona), Remo Bodei (UCLA, Los Angeles), Piero Boitani (Sapienza Università di Roma), Stefano Bronzini (Università di Bari), Maurizio Calbi (Università di Salerno), Laura Caretti (Università di Siena), Paola Colaiacomo (IUAV, Venezia), Claudia Corti (Università di Firenze), Jonathan Culpeper (University of Lancaster), Maria Del Sapio Garbero (Università di Roma Tre), Carla Dente (Università di Pisa), Michael Dobson     (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham), Mario Domenichelli (Università di Firenze), Keir Elam (Università di Bologna), Lynn Enterline (Vanderbilt University, Nashville), Andrew Gurr (University of Reading), Stephen Heath (University of Cambridge), David Hillman (University of Cambridge), Jonathan Hope (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow), Giovanni Iamartino (Università di Milano), MacDonald P. Jackson (University of Auckland), Franco Marenco (Università di Torino), Michele Marrapodi (Università di Palermo), Alessandra Marzola (Università di Bergamo), Gordon McMullan (King’s College, London), Michael Neill (University of Auckland), Alessandra Petrina (Università di Padova), Paola Pugliatti (Università di Firenze), Gary Taylor (Florida State University)


Editorial Staff

Laura Talarico, Editorial Manager

Tommaso Continisio, Daphne Orlandi, Paolo D'Indinosante, Carolina Mastrapasqua, Editorial Assistants

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Memoria di Shakespeare. A Journal of Shakespearean Studies is the new online incarnation of Memoria di Shakespeare, founded in 2000 by Agostino Lombardo, pioneer of Shakespearean studies in Italy, and published in print until 2012.


The online journal is bilingual (Italian-English) and it is published once a year within the open journal project of Sapienza University of Rome with the support of the Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies of Sapienza University, Rome; Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa; the Department of Literature and Philosophy, University of Cassino.


The journal aspires to an international reading and contributing audience and each issue is devoted to a single topic to be explored from an interdisciplinary perspective and a variety of critical standpoints. Contributors include some of the most prominent thinkers in the contemporary scene as well as the voice of talented younger scholars. Papers are double blind peer reviewed. 

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